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My friend I lost to diabetes

MyDiabetic .. My hardest goodbye

I never knew anything about diabetes until I met him, that first night he went into a diabetic coma at mine during the night whilst sleeping. I wasn’t aware he was diabetic, I couldn’t wake him, he was breathing and snoring so I thought he was just in a deep sleep as he’d been away at Tomorrowland…,

My concern grew that he wasn’t responding in anyway to me after hours of shouting him and shaking him, I phoned the ambulance and the thought that I nearly left him whilst I went out not knowing he was in a diabetic coma, and the reality that he probably would have been dead when I came home.. It scared the sh** out of me… We became close and I know I used to annoy him making him check his sugar levels ” doing it for him” when I could see him changing slurring…

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